The intelligent subscription management system for your enterprise

Manage all your open source subscriptions on a single platform

Octosum - The intelligent subscription management system

Modernize Procurement

A smart platform for simplifying and unifying your subscription process.

Save Cost

Optimize your subscription purchase by better allocation and better planning.

Risk Mitigation

Track over-utilized and overdue subscriptions to keep your business compliant

Octosum is awesome if you’re
Get more value out of your Enterprise Subscriptions.
Save smart.
Optimize your subscription utilization
View the number of subscriptions deployed and available for deployment through customized dashboards. No more under-utilized subscriptions.
Manage allocations of subscriptions to projects
Visibility of all allocated subscriptions gives ease of allocating or re-allocating as per project requirements. Easy resource management.
Take control of renewals in time, every time
Calendarized view of upcoming renewals to plan budget cycle and evaluate usage of subscriptions. Better planning, better decisions.
Bring your Procurement, Compliance, IT and Business teams on a unified platform
End-to-end visibility across business units for increased productivity and ease in subscription lifecycle. Unified platform for unified teams.
Get real-time analytics and insights
Real-time reporting helps in better planning and decision making of available resources. Actionable insights for diligent usage.
Handle vendor engagement efficiently
Pre-loaded NDAs and Contracts helps in effective vendor management and faster turn-around time. Reduce your process lifecycle.
Stay compliant, minimize risks
Track over-utilized and overdue subscriptions to keep your business compliant. Minimize risks.
Get access to vendor marketplace
Access to directory of multiple vendors listed by technology and services. Ease the process of procurement.

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Here’s how it works

Designed to ease Subscription management
A single window view of how, where and whom the subscriptions are allotted and utilized for business planning and evaluation
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How subscription procurement, renewal and allocation of open source has become complex?
Open Source has changed the IT landscape. In the last 10 years, the attitude towards open source in enterprise IT environments has changed dramatically, as users have shifted from skepticism about its ability to cope with mission-critical workloads to deploying it widely across their enterprise grade infrastructures. Most enterprises agree that 30% of their IT budget goes into subscriptions renewals that runs critical applications including financial transactions and 24x7x365 customer support.
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