Octosum – The intelligent subscription management system

A product by Ashnik

Octosum, a SAAS platform, enables enterprises to get more value out of their open source subscriptions. The platform is developed based on extensive inputs from large enterprises about the challenges they have been facing on managing their enterprise open subscriptions across their different teams – Procurement, Compliance, IT and Business. Octosum is designed to go beyond just subscription management by offering vendor engagement, order management, and IT vendor marketplace.

The product is conceptualized and developed by Ashnik, who are well known for their proficiency in open source enables technologies and solutions. Having worked with several enterprises across Southeast Asia and India, they have digitally transformed their customer IT landscapes via design, architecting and solutions skills. Their core focus is modernization using open source technologies for database management, containerization, data integration, IT infrastructure monitoring, and application delivery platforms.

Recognized as a leading enterprise open source solutions and consulting company in Southeast Asia and India, Ashnik has empowered several large enterprises, delivering solutions and services – the open source way. Adding Octosum to their latest offerings, is one more way they intend to add value to their customer base.
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A SaaS (based) platform that serves as
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A product by Ashnik
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